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Info about the Nostalgia Realm YouTube channel

The Nostalgia Realm YouTube channel showcases technology and video games, old or new, that have been collected over many years. The goal of the channel is to to keep our precious memories about old games alive. The channel has had many name changes over the years as can be seen in the list down below. The original name "MSWindowsinside" was a combination of the stickers that were on the first PC I used when creating the channel. Namely "Designed for Microsoft Windows XP" and "Intel Inside Pentium 4". Numerous people would think I was a female when playing online multiplayer because of the MS part of the username 😂. The channel name has been changed over the years to reflect the content on the channel instead of an arbitrarily chosen username.


About me:

This channel has always been owned by one person (Rick) since the start of the original channel in July 2009. To establish more connection with my audience, I've been wanting to get into live-streaming for quite some time now, however I haven't started doing that regularly yet as of April 2023.


The reason for not getting into live streaming before was that I simply did not want to connect my persona to my channel. However, due to some policy changes at YouTube it has proven to be difficult to monetize the videos on this channel since it's hard to prove that I am the one that recorded and edited the videos on my channels without any way to proof that they were indeed made by me.

My favorite things to do are archiving old games and recording gameplay videos of them.

Other work I do is to digitize old photographs, cassette tapes and other media. But only in my home country (Netherlands) at this time. More information about this business can be found on my homepage: DigiAdvies

Facts about my YouTube channel

YouTube channel name history

MSWindowsinside (July 2009-2011)
MSWindowsinside2 (Alt channel) (December 2009-2012)
MSWindowsinside3 (January 2011-2012)
MSWindowsinsideful (October 2012 - Late 2018)
Childhood Kingdom (Late 2018 - Early 2020)
Nostalgia Kingdom / Tech & Nostalgia Kingdom (mid 2020 - 2022)

Nostalgia Realm (2022 - Now) Changed to shorten the username and make the channel easier to find.



Download links

#1 - Primary download link

#2 - Secondary mirror - Files can be out of date

How to use these links?

Click option #1 above. In the event that this one doesn't work, use the secondary mirror. After that, search for the game you would like to download, click on it, and download the file.


The compressed file (e.g. .7zip, .rar) can then be unpacked by software like 7-Zip. After unpacking the file, you will (in most cases) get an ISO file which you can double click to use as a virtual CD/DVD on Windows. If double click does, not work or the file is not an ISO (e.g. .BIN, .CUE), you will likely need WinCDEmu to use this file. The ISO, BIN, CUE files are file types used for copies of a full disc. In order to use these copies, you will need a virtual drive that "mounts" these copies, that's what WinCDEmu is for.

Browser based games

The links mostly contain Windows based PC videogames. However, some of my videos contain Flash or Shockwave based browser games like Castle Cat (.SWF, .DCR files). BlueMaxima's Flashpoint is a webgame preservation project that has archived such browser based games and packaged them in such a way that they work again on modern systems. I would highly suggest using this software (the Infinity version) to play those old browser based games. For Flash based games, the Ruffle browser extension might also work most of the time to play games that are embedded inside websites.


First, please go to FAQ and read the information there to see if it applies to the game you want to play.

Head to my Twitter page to ask me a question about any games that you're trying to get going.

Interesting links

16 bit emulation on Windows 10: otvdm

PCem IBM and IBM compatible PC emulation


Frequently Asked Questions

The game won't run?

Windows 9x in VMWare and VirtualBox

PCemV17 ready to use virtual machines

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