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VEGAS Pro ERROR occurred during installation.

Bijgewerkt op: 10 mrt. 2022

Today I had encountered a rather curious problem. I have been using MAGIX Vegas Pro 17.0 for a while now but suddenly the application wouldn't start at all. It gave me an error message like this: Problem found in application, please reinstall.

What I did was remove the application and then reinstall it, but now after finishing the entire setup, it indicated another error message: 

ERROR: -2147163964 occurred during installation Module C:\Program Files\VEGAS\VEGAS Pro 17.0\SfVstProxyStubx64.dll failed to register. HRESULT -2147024703. Contact your support personnel. Then I started thinking what might've caused the problem. I could recall that one of my applications required me to install .NET Framework 3.5. But disabling that feature did nothing as the installation would still revert with the same error message

It just gets to the registering modules portion of the installer - then immediately jumps into a message saying rolling back and then I get the error above. What finally resolved the problem was to do a Repair install of the following Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables:

I downloaded both and clicked repair when prompted. Then after restarting my PC and running the VEGAS installation program again, everything worked as it should.

Note: This same problem also seemingly occurs on older VEGAS versions after searching for this issue online. So the same solution might work for those versions as well!

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