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Transfer blocked phone numbers Android

Bijgewerkt op: 10 mrt. 2022

Did you buy a new Android handset, only to discover your blocked phone numbers are not able to be transferred over? There's an app for that! The app in the link down below can be used to transfer blocked numbers from one Android device to another. The only problem is, the app is in Portuguese. But even when you do not know the language, the app is very easy to navigate. Follow the steps below if you have any problems


Step-by-step tutorial

Step 1: Install the above app on the phone that has the blocked phone numbers on it

Step 2: Tap the button thrice

Step 3: Tap "Ok, Vamos lá"

Step 4: Tap "Meus Bloqueados" and then "Set as default".

Step 5: Tap ALLOW

Step 6: On this screen, swipe until you find "Exportar meus números"

Step 7: Tap the button, and save the file somewhere. For example, OneDrive

or send it via email.

Step 8: On your new/other Android device, follow steps 1 to 5. And save the .json file to your device.

Step 9: Now swipe until you find the button "Restaurar meus números"

Step 10: Tap the button and search for the file you exported

Step 11: Once you see the screen below, your blocked numbers have been imported, tap "Ok, entendi"

Your blocked numbers have now been imported!

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