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Download 3D Atlas '98 - ABC World Reference 1997 PC Game

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This page contains a link to where you can download 3D Atlas '98 - ABC World Reference (1997, PC) and other games plus information and a gameplay video.


Video description (from YouTube):

Before Google Earth there was World Reference 3D Atlas '98. Come explore the planet like it's the 90s 😎! The most in-depth and fascinating exploration of planet earth! 3D Atlas is an educational title which boasts 3D graphics on twelve different types of spinning globes, time lapse video sequences animations showing changes to the planer such as the destruction of the ozone layer and more. The title has been in production for some time, the credits show this release was also called 3D Atlas 98 and that before that there was a 3D Atlas 97, 3D Atlas (v1.1) and 3D Atlas(v1.0). The atlas has built in links to America On Line which held downloadable content.

This version, and probably the earlier versions too, includes what is described as 'a challenging quiz' called 'Around The World' which can be played by one to three players. In their turn each player faces a round of five questions. Each question is timed and is worth a certain amount of points or air-miles, but that value decreases over time. When a round has been completed the game shows a humorous video of some form of transport, usually early aircraft. When all players have completed their round the game shoes a representation of the earth and how far the players have travelled with their accumulated air miles.

Questions are obviously based on geography and countries of the world. Identifying a nations flag is a common kind of question as is recognizing a country from a picture of its scenery or a local market, knowledge of capital cities and major exports helps too.

The quiz ends when a player has made a complete circuit of the earth. The scoreboard does not show high scores because a trip around the earth is always the same distance, instead it shows the percentage of questions answered correctly.

"3D Atlas 97" - Name of earlier release

Published by TLC Properties, Inc.

Developed by The MultiMedia Corporation plc

Released 1998

Also For Macintosh, Windows 3.x

Genre Educational

Perspective 1st-person

Visual Fixed / flip-screen

Gameplay Game show / trivia / quiz

Educational Geography

Vehicular Flight / aviation, Naval / watercraft

-- Preceding information from Mobygames --

-- Video creator notes --

The application decided to stop playing music after a while. I think it's a bug but I didn't really want to bother troubleshooting it.

-- Timestamps --

0:00 Video intro

0:10 3D Atlas intro

0:40 Environmental world

4:01 Physical world

5:34 Political world

7:24 Geological Forces

18:29 Physical features

34:46 Climatic Conditions

1:00:49 Human Impact

1:16:52 Zoom Cities

1:26:14 Around the World

1:38:27 Statistical Globe

1:40:29 Country Postcard (Antarctica)

1:41:24 Credits

1:47:06 Video outro

-- Game Credits --

Dedicated to the memory of William George Crampton credited as William George Crampton PhD

3D Atlas 98: Update Team for Creative Wonders

ABC World Reference Executive Producer Jonathan Denholtz

ABC World Reference Senior Producer Philip Bouchard (credited as R. Philip Bouchard)

Associate Producer Shannon Des Roches Rosa

Assistant Producer Emily Bell

3D Atlas 98: Update Team for The MultiMedia Corporation

Software Design Chris Pointon, Kevin Marks, Maf Vosburgh

Executive Producer Kevin Marks

Producer Richard Turnnidge

Assistant Producer Dan Salmon

Graphic Design Jason Hodge

Lead Windows Programmer Chris Pointon

Lead Macintosh Programmer Maf Vosburgh

3D Atlas 98: Update Team for Planetary Visions

Producers Philip Eales, Kevin Tidsley

3D Atlas 98: MultiMedia Corporation Team

Windows Programmers Esther Lan, John McDonnell

Macintosh Programmers Wolf

Production Assistants Danny Brandt, Adele Carrol (credited as Adele Carroll), Marcus Fielding

Flag King Graham Bartram

Narration Update Dick Vosburgh

Special Thanks William George Crampton (credited as William Crampton), Clarán Doyle, Roland Dunn, Chris Prior, Venetia Rowland, Di Sproul

3D Atlas 98: Creative Wonders Team

Product Managers Bernard Camarao, Simon Fleming-Wood, Tom Romary, Suzanne Sinclair

Testing Supervisor Kevin Gibson

Lead Software Testers Sarah Titon, Stefan M. Nelson (credited as Stefan Nelson)

Software and Content Testing Erik Aadahl, Wilfred-Francis Albovias, Julia Duringer, Theresa Duringer, Greg Kitamura, Steve Krug, Nghia Ly, Chris McCall, Darin Momrow, Ayeda Ravindran, Scott Schork

Quality Assurance Young David Morgan

-- Settings and application information --

Used emulator: PCem v17

CPU: Pentium 120

OS: Windows 98 SE

-- Downloads and more info --

Need more info?

Ask on my Twitter (link on my channel).

Download link for some of the games/software/other files on this channel:



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