No, Donald Trump has not passed away yet😢

Check back later for better news.

A video I made that might brighten your day after hearing this sad news 😭

Please do note that this website is purely made for satire and is not meant to hurt anyone (other than your feelings). It was made because the current US president was hospitalised following an infection of a deadly virus that has been spreading world since late 2019 and hasn't stopped spreading as of this writing. The outcome of this virus will be made clear on this small website that I made.

I believe that: if the president had taken the ongoing situations in his country more seriously, people wouldn't dislike him as much. I would still not like his way of ruling a country. But perhaps it would've at least made a more positive impression for the people who weren't sure what they'd vote yet.

As of this writing, I'm sure that most people will no actually who they will vote for in the US Presidential Elections.

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